Tips for preparing for a headshot or portrait photography session

With a little prep you can be feel confident about a headshot or portrait photography session.

Here are a few tips to help get you on point:

Blog on Tips for preparing for a headshot or portrait photography session


I know it can be nerve racking being in front of the camera, but its best to try to be relaxed. I’ll be collaborating with you on posing/coaching and choose lighting that flatters you.


Look fresh in your photos, by getting a good night’s sleep. This is also an ideal way to reduce any under-eye circles.


Clean and well-moisturised skin is very important, especially if you have a darker skin type, as it helps with lighting.

Exfoliate your skin a few days beforehand, this will remove any dead skin cells and reveal fresh/healthy skin. Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty as a great product as it gives skin a lovely glow.

Eye patches or a tissue mask on the day of your session will

help to reduce puffiness and improve the look of the under eye area.

Revolution Gold Eye Hydrogel eye patches are a great option and won’t break the bank.

Keep your lips well hydrated with Chapstick or lip balm. Use it a few days beforehand and at the session.


Natural/minimalist make-up look is the best option, such as neutral/brown eye shadow palette and a pale/translucent lip colour.

Matte skin is ideal, therefore avoid any products/make-up that are overly oily or shiny.

If you have spots or pimples, try to avoid covering them with excessive foundation etc.

It is very easy to remove these with photo retouching


Hair should ideally be well groomed or styled. For longer hair, bring along your brush, products and a bobble as you may wish to put your hair both up and down for shots.

If you are cutting your hair cut for a session, it is recommended that you get the cut at least a week before. However, going to a hair stylist on the day of your session to get a wash, blow dry or an up-do is worthwhile.

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