Photo Retouching Sample - Before
Photo Retouching Sample - After

Photo Retouching

Photo retouching is the best way to take your images to the next level. I believe in minimalist retouching in order to maintain a high standard of realism.

A standard package includes the following:

Mild skin smoothing
Facial contouring (enhancing highlights and shadows)
Removal of minor blemishes, spots, stray hairs (on skin)
Eye brightening/sharpening,
Teeth whitening
Reduction of wrinkles/under eye circles

I accept any photo retouching enquires. Please get in touch to discuss.

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Photo Retouching sample video:

Please note: retouching is charged per image.

Standard Photo Retouching *£15

Facial/body slimming£20 – £25
Removal of scars and deep wrinkles etc£15
Removal of under eye hollows£15 – £20
Skin smoothing/blotchy/redness£15 – £25

* Already included in the price for Fuji Flex prints and actor headshots.