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Headshots represent yourself in business, including LinkedIn, social media, websites, blogs, and CV’s. They’re also ideal for actors, singers, artists etc. Headshots are personalised via a consultation (available for packages up to 2 hours and location photography), I’ll discuss requirements with clients before the shoot and then again on the day.

I highly recommend location photography to clients who are looking for a bit of visual pop, it is a good option if you’d like your headshots taken at your business, at a nearby park or cafe etc. You’d be amazed how a brick wall or street art (Custard Factory in Birmingham has endless possibilities) or gardens (Jephson’s Gardens is a spot I love) can create a dynamic shot.

Headshots shot in the studio render a clean and modern image, but for an arty spin on the headshot, I offer more advanced lighting techniques, such as Rembrandt and spilt, (which are both fabulous for B&W images) that are a bit more unique and creates dimension. Typically these are photographed on either grey or black backdrops.

Also, I am able to arrange a make-up artist/hair stylist for an additional fee. Please get in touch for a quote.

I accept varied portraits and commissions requests, so if you’re looking for something specific or have any other photographic requirements, please get in touch for a quote or call 07414 894855.

For more info on preparing for a headshot, please read the Headshot FAQ.


Package #1

Up to 1 hour of photography
Multi-light setup
White backdrop
2 retouched digital images
1 outfit change
Hi-res and web resolutions



Package #2

Up to 2 hours of photography
White, grey, wallpaper backdrops
Varied lighting setups
Up to 3 outfit changes
5 retouched digital images
Hi-res and web resolutions



Package #3

Up to 2 hours of photography
* on location photography, up to 5 miles from Leamington Spa
1 – 3 outfit changes
2 or 5 retouched digital images
Hi-res and web resolutions

£150 & up


How do I prepare for a headshot?

Well-moisturised skin is highly recommended, also applying ChapStick a few days before your sessions. This is especially true if you have a darker skin type, as it helps with lighting. Brush your hair and bring it along. Ironing your clothing is also helpful.

What should I wear for a headshot?

Wear something that you are very comfortable in and also defines your style, it shows in the photo.
If we are shooting in the studio on a white or grey backdrop, both cool and warm colours work well. On a black backdrop, darker colours help to emphasise your face more. With location photography wear cool colours in Spring/Summer (blue, beige, black etc) and warm colours (red, purple, pink, orange, green etc) in Autumn.

How much are additional retouched digital images?

Digital images are £25.

What is included in image retouching?

Image retouching is kept quite natural. This includes mild skin smoothing, facial contouring (enhancing highlights and shadows), removal of minor blemishes, spots, stray hairs, eye brightening/sharpening, teeth whitening and the reduction of wrinkles/under eye circles. The reduction of redness and blotchy skin is available for an additional charge, please get in touch for a quote.

Can you arrange a make-up artist?

I’m able to arrange for a make-up artist for headshots for an additional £60. Advanced make-up techniques, such as body paint etc is available, please get in touch for a quote.

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